Aragonese Castle

Impressive and fascinating, throughout the centuries the Aragonese Castle has been a fortress, a cultural center, a political prison. Today is famous all over the world.

Museo Giardino di Lady Walton

The Museum-Garden of Lady Walton, known as “La Mortella” is a garden open to the public, created by Susana Walton, the Argentine wife of the English composer William, located in the municipality of Forio.

Guevara Tower

Located in the Bay of Cartaromana, the Guevara Tower is located in front of therocks of  Sant'Anne and is said that Michelangelo Buonarroti, at that time lover of poetess Vittoria Colonna, has repeatedly stayed here.

Ravino Gardens

The Ravino Gardens are home to 5000 specimens, mostly cactus and succulents, but also numerous palm trees, Mediterranean spontaneous flora, with olive and citrus trees, and aromatic and medicinal plants.

Boat trip

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